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Lauenburg / Elbe
The town Lauenburg at the river Elbe has about
12.000 inhabitants and is located in the southeast of the federal s
state of Schleswig-Holsteins. Lauenburg borders as well to Lower Saxoy as to n als auch an Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

Lauenburg is called, because its moraine hills from the glacial epoch, the balkony of Schleswig-Holstein. From the highest point in the upper town to the river there is a vertocal high of 50 meters.

The historic center in the lower tohn of Lauenburgs is a popular
place of excursions. The houses build in the 15th century are well conserved or restored.
After the imnfrastructure of trading and  craft removed to the historic center of the town of inland sailors, now there have settled artists and artisans.
Especially advisable is a visit in the "house of arts", where a crew of
stipendiary artists, changing every year, work and have there
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