Station RIG - DL3LBP_English

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With the transistor-receiver (left picture) I began to hunt for interesting signals.

During the time the station changed often. Some times it became larger, until I reached
quite good results in RTTY-contests with PA and good antennas.
After some problems with TVI and a small garden it became smaler and now it is very small::
Tranceiver Yaesu FT1000MP
Yaseu FT847
                Kenwood TS480SAT
for Digi-Modes:


Software MixW, HRD, WSJ-X
antenna groundplane
Antenne GAP TitanDX  3,5 - 28 Mc
Mosley TA34XL WARC 5-El.-Beam
Dipol  7 Mc
Dipol 10 Mc
19 El. Yagi 70 cm
11 El. Yagi 2 m
5 El. Yagi 6 m

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